What is Community Acupuncture?


Community Acupuncture is acupuncture performed in a ‘group room’ setting.  Several patients may be treated at the same time and in the same room together.  This is how acupuncture has been performed in China for centuries.  At We Love Acupuncture‘s Community Acupuncture Events, acupuncture treatments are provided to patients either seated in reclining zero-gravity chairs or on a chiropractic table.  Depending on each individuals chief complaint, we will decide which location is best suited to treat you in order to meet your individual needs.

Why Choose Community Acupuncture?


Cost is often the most common reason that individuals choose community acupuncture treatment over private acupuncture treatment.  Traditional forms of healthcare like acupuncture may require a series of treatments in order to make lasting changes in an individual’s health.  For those without acupuncture insurance coverage, committing to a series of treatments may be financially out of reach, and even for those with acupuncture coverage, community acupuncture treatments may be cheaper than their insurance co-pays.  Acupuncture insurance only covers treatment of a specific set of issues as defined and decided  by each insurance company, and insurance companies often limit the number of treatments that an individual is allowed.  Other insurance companies may require that individuals receive a referral from a physician before the insurance company will pay for acupuncture treatment.  Choosing community acupuncture treatments may be an affordable way for individuals to avoid all of this confusion. 

Who Should Utilize Community Acupuncture Treatments?


The short answer is EVERYONE Community acupuncture treatments are excellent for anyone who seeks care for issues that respond best to simple acupuncture treatments, meaning acupuncture needling only.  Issues related to pregnancy, pediatric treatments, stress related disorder, & mental/emotional concerns are a but a few of the issues that respond incredibly well to simple acupuncture treatments.  While most ailments and issues will respond in a positive way to simple acupuncture treatments, some issues such as musculoskeltal traumas, aches, and pains may respond quicker to more layered treatments in which therapies such as infrared heat, moist heat, icing, topical liniments, massage, cupping, or electrical stimulation may be combined with simple acupuncture treatments.  These multi layered treatments require a more time intensive commitment from the acupuncturist and thus require the patient to book a private acupuncture treatment in which the acupuncturist can provide a full hour to the needs of a single patient.  Please call our office to discuss which treatment style (private or community) would work best for the treatment of your particular health concern:  619.800.2287

Where Are Community Acupuncture Treatments Offered?


We Love Acupuncture offers community acupuncture treatments every Thursday night from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.  Our hosts for this weekly event are our friends at True Chiropractic in Kearny Mesa.  No appointment is necessary for this event.  Just walk in.  The cost is only $35.

True Chiropractic is located at:

4344 Convoy Street, Suite C1.  San Diego, CA 92111