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Brent Keime, licensed acupuncturist, and his wife, Airalia Keime, a San Diego area midwife, work as a team to offer San Diego County the most comprehensive placenta encapsulation services available through our sister site:  Brent's understanding of Traditional East Asian Medicine's herbal formulations and of the traditional medicinal uses of the human placenta are combined with Airalia's skilled preparation driven by her passion and reverence for the placenta as the sacred bridge between mother and child.  

Human placenta, known in Traditional East Asian Medicine as Zi He Che, has been used as a powerful medicinal substance for over 1250 years.  This ancient medicine is gaining new notoriety today for its ability to aid in the rapid recovery of mothers after childbirth.  

When used medicinally, the placenta should be prepared by combining it with other herbal medicinals in order to create a customized formulation/preparation tailored specifically to treat each individual's distinct healthcare needs.   


There are countless individuals offering placenta encapsulation throughout San Diego County, but to my knowledge, I know of no one else who prepares and encapsulates placentas in a way that customizes them to each individual mother's needs utilizing the methods of Traditional East Asian Medicine as it has been done for over a thousand years.  

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